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Sole of the foot pain, Knee pain, Elbow pain, Shoulder pain, Pelvic pain

Medical Exercise Therapy

is necessary exercise program for basic rehabilitation because it allows you to find the original function of the muscles and joints with the purpose of rehabilitation treatment without damage through the correct movement.

General exercise therapy is early rehabilitation treatment based on Medical Exercise Therapy.

When we behave according to habit, rather

than using the exact muscles and joints, we are easy to induce pain to make unnecessary movement.
It is a treatment room while exercising through BTE, SET, MS, Props together to enforce Physical Therapy and Manual Therapy for the control of pain.

BTE (Primus-RS)

BTE is a rehabilitation treatment equipment to help to evaluate the three-dimensional position of the actual pain is induced, so that the Exercise Therapy to the functional rehabilitation in that position.
BTE can be used to General Rehabilitation, Industrial Rehabilitation, senile disease, Sports Rehabilitation treatment and evaluate the strength.

SET (Sling Exercise Therapy)

It is a exericse that tries to get control of the pain, muscle strength, increase of muscle endurance, and improve proprioception through passive or active exercise using moderate auxiliary tools and line swaying.

MS (Multi Spine)

It is a exercise machine for rehabilitation, muscle strengthening, the treatment of all diseases related to the spine and correction.
Three-dimensional rotation motor function in 3D moving platform is the transmit power until the deep muscles and by so muscle distraction and strengthening to take appropriate advantage of the solid rail and unit device is as well as rehabilitation, modified joint and twister spine correction possible.
It is an active exercise that utilizes several tools on the mat, to give correct posture and movement.


It is an active exercise that utilizes several tools on the mat, to give correct posture and movement.

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