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Sole of the foot pain, Knee pain, Elbow pain, Shoulder pain, Pelvic pain


Shock waves appear in the atmosphere when explosive events take place, such as when lightning strokes occur or when airplanes break the sound barrier. Shock waves are acoustic pulses that are characterized by high positive pressure amplitudes and a very steep increase in pressure in comparion to the ambient pressure. They can transmit energy from the place of generation to distant areas and may cause windowpanes to shatter, for example.

Biological effects of shock waves?

  • increased cell permeability
  • Stimulation of microcirculation(blood, lymph)
  • Release of nitric oxide, (NO), which causes vasodilation, increased metabolism and angiogenesis and has an anti-inflammatore effect
  • Anti-bacterial effect
  • release of growth factors(blood vessels, epithelium, bones, collagen, etc)

Radial shock waves are suitable for

  • Smoothing of musculature
  • Relaxation of muscle tension(taut bands)
  • Localilzation and treatment of superficial trigger points
  • Treatment of large areas
  • Activation of connective tissue

Focus shock waves are suitable for

  • insertion tendopathies, enthesiopathies
  • Disintegration of calcific deposits
  • Localization of trigger points and points of pain, eliciting "referred pain'
  • Superficial and deep trigger points/ points of pain

Shockwave the correct method of treatment and treatment time?

Radial shockwave is good for relaxing extremely hardened or tense muscle groups in which the trigger points are located. The deeper trigger points can then be found much more easily with focused shock waves of palpation.
In general, not too many pulses should be applied during the first shock wave therapy session. At the beginning, it is advisable to apply no more than 1800 focused and 1900 radial pulses. Later the number of pulses can be increased.

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