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Frozen shoulder, Forward head posture, Back pain back sprains, Sciatica, Myfascial pain syndrome

What is Soft tissue?

That means muscle, ligament, fat, vein, nerve, tendon, fibrous tissue, smooth membrane tissue etc.
In other words, the soft tissue embraces all of the tissues in our body except hard tissue such as bone, cartilage, blood and hematopoietic tissue.

What is Soft tissue manual therapy?

The soft tissue manual therapy is a systematic and scientific medical treatment handling the effect of production in the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system and general as well as partial circulation of blood and lymph with controling soft tissue effectively using physical methods such as hands or equipments on the human body. Also, our treatment room treats disorder of soft tissue effectively and attempts a healthy state of the human body to relieve pain and recovery function.

What art the benefites of soft tissue manual therapy?
Release spasm and tension of the muscles
Raise immunity
Promote blood circulation
Increase power of healing
Give deep relaxation and emotional stability

Aqua jet
physical equipment using water pressure to release tension of the muscles, promote blood circulation and give relaxation

physical vibration equipment to release mild pain of muscles and make improvements in circulatory disturbance

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