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Spine & Posture Center is a professional clinic center belonging to SKY Sports medical Hospital. In order to realize advanced, client-centered medicine, we have introduced high-tech medical devices and created more pleasant treatment conditions. We provide innovative health care with the dedicated efforts of our whole staff. Moreover, Spine & Posture Center provides high-level Chiropractic procedures which only a few can master.

Spine & Posture Center remains first for treatment of acute or chronic pain, spinal disease, and imbalance caused by bad posture. We pursue cutting-edge therapy to lead Neutral position of body type.

No-Wait System : You can see the doctor without delay because of our 100% reservation system and programs to work around client’s schedule.
1:1 personalized care : We provide 1:1 customized program depending on disorders and symptoms of each client.
Systematic patient cure system : We focus on a long-term customized treatment for clients who need medium and long term cure for three to six months.
Multifaceted inspection : We specifically analyse body figure of clients through
various tests and make detailed and gradational treatment programs.

What is ‘Chiropractic’?

Chiropractic is an alternative medicine, in which doctor treats spinal disorders using only own his hands without any medicine or surgery. Chiropractic is derived from Greek and combines the words ‘cher’ (hand) and ‘praxis’ (cure). Chiropractic is a natural therapy that avoids drugs and operations. It is a very conservative and natural approach. It studies and treats not only one part but the whole body. In particular, Chiropractic is medical science treatment that handles Nerves, Muscles and Skeletons, along with nutrition and exercise, since it places importance on prevention and maintenance. Through diagnosis and treatment of spine, pelvis and neighboring tissues, Chiropractic aims to prevent occurrence of pain, functional disorders of tissues, and biochemical and neurophysiological changes.

Power to correct our body type?

That is just excercise!

Based on accumulated clinical experiments, we teach patients ‘Core exercise’ to correct their wrong use of muscles, and provide work-out programs using technical equipments to keep their balance. We first check the individual body, to find and analyze causes of disorders. From the analysis, we develop individual work-out programs to achieve ideal body balance. By correcting root causes, we give clients beautiful figure and health. Lastly, we help patients to keep their ideal body type with not temporary but with semi-permanent treatment.

M.E.T Technic

M.E.T Technic is short for ‘Muscle energy technic’. It is an aggressive treatment method that uses the power of muscle to cure. MET lets subjects put their muscles to good use to revitalize and promote remedy. It also lets clients recover their muscle balance. So It is effective, high technic to achieve correct, excellent shape.

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